Top 6 Packaging Trends For 2022

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How you package your products can have a significant contribution to the success of your business. A recent survey actually found that 74 percent of consumers indicated their willingness to pay extra for products contained within packaging that’s both sustainable and environmentally safe.

What this means is that in 2022 moving forward, your packaging could be the factor a consumer uses to decide whether to choose you or the competition. There are numerous packaging trends to look out for this year, with some of our favourites included here. If you need packaging for sweets then look no further.

From product personalisation to sustainable design, consider the 6 packaging trends below to help you stay ahead of the game:

1. Environmentally-Friendly and Sustainable Packaging

The sustainable packaging trend is certain to continue in 2022. Having packaging that’s environmentally-friendly and sustainable not only helps protect the environment, but also allows companies to stand out from the crowd and creates a positive brand image.

Companies have started using packing designs made using recycled, compostable, or biodegradable materials since customers have started being increasingly conscious about the packaging waste they produce.

With the new plastic tax that’s currently in force, you need to start reducing the amount of damaging plastics used by your business. So, using sustainable packaging in 2022 and beyond will likely boost your brand’s respectability, and generate more success for the business.

2. E-Commerce

E-commerce has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past few years and this rise is only likely to continue in 2022. The pandemic sparked an actual change in modern consumer behaviour and helped improve standards with respect to e-commerce packaging.

The standards of consumers are high when it comes to the user experiences, delivery, as well as return procedures of their products. To make it in this thriving e-commerce market, businesses must make sire that their e-commerce procedures live up to the expectations of customers in the new year.

After all, it isn’t just important for the packaging to protect the contents, but also that customers are left with a positive experience, which leaves them wanting to come back for more.

3. Customisation and Personalisation

Customisation and personalisation will be more important than ever in 2022 and beyond since consumers are continually looking for reliability. Customising your product shows the consumer that you are serious about going the extra mile to ensure that your packaging looks professional and impressive.

The consensus among 98 percent of all marketers is that personalisation helps in advancing customer relationships, and of these marketers, 70 percent claim that personalisation has a strong impact on increasing customer loyalty and delivering better experienced for them. Digital printing makes personalised and customised packaging a reality.

4. Brand Storytelling

‘Brand storytelling’ is another trend that’s growing in popularity in 2022. Many businesses have an increasing desire to engage with customers more by sharing the story of their brand. This may include displaying important information about the company on the packaging or perhaps even sharing detailed information about the company’s history or mission.

With many products only attainable via e-commerce platforms, businesses have started to identify alternative ways of educating customers and forming connections. The inclusion of storytelling on the packaging materials helps consumers learn more about the products you are offering and what makes them stand out from the competition.

5. Tech-Integrated Packaging

Technology in packaging is expected to be even more popular in 2022 and beyond. This is especially the case with regards to innovative, cutting-edge product.

Transforming sweet wrappers, packaging custom boxes and fast-food packaging materials into augmented experiences, digital games and AI are all upcoming trends in packaging. 3D rendering of packaging artwork as well as interactive tours that allow customers to interact with packaging in unique ways are excellent examples of this.

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