Tips for Choosing a Sleeping bag for Climbing Mountains


Sleeping Bag is an item that must be carried while climbing a mountain to maintain the warmth of our bodies while sleeping.

In the market there are now many different types of sleeping bags circulating with various prices and models. But how to choose the right sleeping bag for climbing activities?

Here are tips on choosing a sleeping bag for mountain climbing:

1. Sleeping Bag Shape

Tips on choosing a sleeping bag the first is the selection of shapes. In general, the shape is divided into two types, namely sleeping bags with mummy shapes and mat / blanket shapes. Sleeping bag with a mummy shape is felt to be the most fitting for mountain climbing activities because this form is felt to be the most able to warm the body.

Another sleeping bag in the form of a mat is usually preferred by those who like traveling or backpacking. Then there is also another form, which has a hole in the hand, this type makes the user easier to move compared to you. you can get cheap sleeping bag prices (harga sleeping bag) only at

 2. Choose a sleeping bag that has a head covering

Sleeping bag with head cover is able to warm the ears which are easily exposed to cold temperatures. Even able to warm your cheeks when it’s cold. The selection of sleeping bags is able to prevent you from the perceived hypothermia.

There are still many other tips to overcome hypothermia when climbing a mountain.

3. Sleeping Bag Material

Sleeping bags are made from a variety of materials and functions including:

  • Parasitic material: which has a fairly light weight, parasitic material is usually coated with cotton or fur in the middle which will make you warmer
  • Synthetic material (polyester): sleeping bag with synthetic material that is lighter and easily dries
  • Dacron: this material is like stuffed stuffed, is light and quite warm but sometimes takes place in the backpack.
  • Polar material: has the advantage of providing better warmth with a smaller size

Tips on choosing a sleeping bag that suits your needs when climbing a mountain, choose a material with a mixture of polar and dracon to be warmer, it’s just that the price of sleeping bag is arguably more expensive than others.

4. Choose a sleeping bag whose length matches the height

It’s important to know the length of the sleeping bag that we are going to buy. So that it can make our entire body covered even to the toe. The toe is also very important because this part of the body is also very easy to become cold when the air pressure is low.

Although the price of a sleeping bag that is longer is more expensive, but if we choose a sleeping bag with a slightly shorter size, it actually makes us stiffen and become less effective, especially to get quality sleep.

In addition to sleeping bags, there are also some things that should not be left behind when we are climbing the mountain.

5. Make sure the sleeping bag has a good zipper

Some sleeping bags have problems with the jammed and broken zippers, even though they are still new or have only been used several times. Before choosing, test the quality of the zipper first. Tips on choosing the next sleeping bag is not to be ashamed to try the sleeping bag zipper several times while at the store to ensure the best quality so you don’t regret it later.

The selection of zippers also affects the warmth in the sleeping bag. If you want something warmer, you better choose a sleeping bag with a smaller, tighter zipper size. if you choose a small and tight size of the rit, there will be less air entering than the zipper with a larger size of the rit.

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