RoboForex Malaysia – A Trader’s Guide To Know More About One Of The Leading Brokers

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Established in 2008 and starting online services in 2009, RoboForex Malaysia broker has good service and quality and has won several awards. The many unique and useful programs for clients help them to become one of the best profile brokers in the world forex market. Among the awards he has received include Fastest Growing Forex Brand Asia from Global Brand magazine (2014), The Best ECN Broker from IAFT (2016). Read on about RoboForex Malaysia here!

RoboForex already has a multilingual website, one of which is in Malaysian. One of the Live Support available 24 hours has also used a Malaysian number, making it easier for customers from Malaysia to contact support.

The benefit of the RoboForex broker is a wide array of sophisticated trading platform possibilities. In addition to the MetaTrader4 platform, RoboForex also provides MetaTrader5, cTrader, as well as proprietary platforms in the form of R WebTrader and R Mobile Trader which are equipped with R Strategy Builder to create your Trading Robot. Because of this innovation, Roboforex can be considered as one of the pioneer brokers in trading technology.

The revolutionary technologies provided by the Roboforex broker will make it less complicated for traders to carry out their day-to-day trading activities. Roboforex also allows traders to use VPS for free with light conditions. The VPS can be used in conjunction with your custom trading robot. Now Roboforex is also available in Malaysia.

RoboMarkets Receives License From Malaysia

Reporting from Finance Magnates, RoboMarkets has received a license from the authorities in Labuan, Malaysia starting August 8, 2019. With the receipt of this license, RoboMarkets company can provide forex and CFD trading services for Asian customers.

Labuan consists of a series of small islands located north of Brunei. Even though it is part of the Malaysian state, this region has its financial supervisor. Its regulatory provisions are more flexible, making Labuan loved as a center for forex brokers who want to operate in Asia.

After receiving the license in Labuan, RoboMarkets will soon open an office there. Previously, this broker had a marketing office in Shah Alam, a large city in Malaysia that is close to Kuala Lumpur.

RoboMarkets Expansion Expands

In addition to a license from Labuan Malaysia, the company that oversees this broker also has a license from the authorities of Cyprus, Belize, and the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus in May this year. In total, there are 4 licenses owned by the corporation. The presence of these various licenses aims to attract clients from different regions.

RoboMarkets itself comes from the same company as RoboForex. The difference between the two lies in the marketing target, where RoboMarkets tends to focus on the European Union area, while RoboForex reaches more traders globally. For Malaysian traders, this RoboForex service can be accessed on their official page.

Advantages of Roboforex Broker

What are the advantages of Roboforex Broker? Read on below!

Exciting Bonuses And Offers.

RoboForex provides various forex bonus and tempting offers. There is a Tradable bonus of up to 50% which is adjusted to your first deposit, plus Cashback service and additional bonuses for subsequent deposits. There is also a special automatic fund withdrawal facility for withdrawals via Webmoney, Skrill, and Neteller.

Very Complete Software And Applications

RoboForex broker supplies an extremely total range of software programs and applications for traders employing Autotrading, Robo Trading, or Professional Advisor (EA) approaches. Additionally, there’s also a free VPS offer with incredibly light conditions that can be utilized with each other together with your robot.

Analytics Center

For traders who have joined roboforex, they can use an analysis center subscription. The Analytics Center contains the latest market reviews, a forex calendar, and a summary of emerging trading signals from various technical indicators, along with tools such as pivots and historical volatility. This service will especially support those of you who don’t want to use Autotrading and choose to trade with different techniques.

Features of Roboforex

RoboForex Analytical Center is designed by prioritizing the convenience of traders, especially in Malaysia, so that it has features that are simple and convenient for even novice traders to use. Among these features are:

Calendar: Know when important data is released, as well as what days the world’s financial market centers are closed and open.

• Signals: the technical indicators MA10, MA20, MA50, MA100, MACD, Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku, Stochastic, William’s, ZigZag will get readings, as well as the market sentiment which can be seen in 1 window.

• Tools: historical volatility charts, calculating possible Fibonacci pivots and retracements plus information on interest rates can be found in the US

• Chat: You Have Questions? just ask the team of analysts who are experts in trading.

• Education: Want to learn about trading? This broker provides education for its users

RoboForex Wallet Guarantees Trader’s Fund Safety

RoboForex Wallet is a multi-currency feature recently launched by this Cypriot broker. This multi-currency service will allow you to deposit funds in the most suitable currency and withdraw them to different payment details. Traders will also be able to distribute capital between trading accounts using internal transfers.

This feature is a central key for traders to control all funds including profits on all services from RoboForex, CopyFX, RAMM, and Stock Accounts. Wallets represent multiple accounts with different base currencies, combined in the same payment service. The list of available currencies will be determined from the client’s country of residence. Through RoboForex Wallet, traders can do the following:

1. Deposit to Wallet account of any payment details.

2. Withdraw funds from RoboForex, CopyFX, RAMM, and Stock Accounts to Wallet accounts.

3. Distribute funds between all accounts as desired by using internal transfers.

4. Use a Wallet to save money that is not involved in trading along with profit.

RoboForex Wallet has features that make it easy for clients to manage finances.

• Store and transfer funds in the required currency without having to convert.

• Fund transfer or withdrawal to any trading account.

• Protection of funds from risks associated with open positions on client accounts.

This facility can be enjoyed by all clients of RoboForex broker. For new clients, the Wallet will open automatically when they register in the Member Area. As for old members, visit the RoboForex Wallet page to make an activation request. For more detailed information, visit the RoboForex broker website. Enjoy security and ease of transfer between accounts with RoboForex Wallet.

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