Monrovia Liberia, Government Faces Problem With Public School Teacher

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Who, when he was by one that was in the education of the Liberian civil war, the reason for the recent loss. Public schools are becoming increasingly vulnerable. Many of those institutions established for people to seek greener pastures. And now he is desperate to meet and learn the Education info needs of the rapidly growing school-age people in the control system of the game has undergone infiltration of learning taught by their doctors. These doctors and teachers are not hired referred to as “restored”, reportedly had poor results.

But because of the poor performance of students in the mass of its failure is manifested in the continuing West African Examinations Council (W.A.E.C) annual exams. West African countries that use the standard English W.A.E.C body has been created to help in the education systems of these countries. The agency has already expressed about the serious failure in the Liberian mass students, most public schools. In education, as a measure to improve the system, the government started a step-by-step process altogether remote from sending doctors and others for further training.

As long as they accept the administration of the offer; Doctors had sued for several months in arrears. Therefore, they shall be carried out, and little by little the power of a series of strikes this: why should his claims. Instead they demanded to be hired back as a teacher in training. On Monday, the government announced that it had terminated the contents aimed at paying a teacher for six pence.

An announcement Thursday by the Ministry of Finance and Education set on July 11 to start paying salaries, the way to be. While this can be done in the command of the relief; Meanwhile, 700 schoolteachers and allowing the strike County. These texts bring out the Liberian WITHOUT getting a cut monthly salary, three hundred thousand dollars. Because they are not of mere months, and almost nothing of the habitations of the people know, that those who do not wish to know, something at the back and to the causes of things.

Liberian regular teachers earn the equivalent of $ 70 US dollars. About three hundred dollars now encrypted, the way of the Liberian Sinoe County were equivalent to $ V. Lampeye public school teachers and the District are demanding an increase in monthly wages, as well as to strike.

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