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Everyone wants to invest their money to get the maximum profit from it, but some don’t know where they should invest their money. Some of them invest in some business, some in properties, and many more. One of the fastest ways to earn money in the stock market and, at the same time, most quick to lose your money. Many people misunderstood the share market and the stock market, as shares refer to a particular company, and stocks refer to all shares owned across different companies. The investing person should know about the share market, understanding stocks, stock market indexes, and many more. There are various stock markets globally, and one of them is NASDAQ, which is ranked second in terms of share trades in the world. It is located in One Liberty Plaza in New York City, America. Read more to know about the NASDAQ, composite index or IDXNASDAQ: IXIC at, and many more.


The NASDAQ is a market that works for the investors to provide them a transparent, open, and competitive platform to interact with buyers and sellers easily.

What is the NASDAQ composite index?

They are termed as the stock market index that includes stocks listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, and it is one of the following stock indexes in the United States. It is also considered the headline indexes of the market after the Dow Jones and the S&P 500.

How does the NASDAQ composite index works?

The NASDAQ IDXNASDAQ: IXIC has no physical trading floor, but it works the same as the other major stock indexes. The composite index is calculated by the standard market capitalization weighting method, which says that the larger companies listed on the exchange will impact the index value more. In simple words, if a company of 100 billion dollars stocks moves, it will affect more than the supply of comparatively lower cost.

What are the selection criteria for NASDAQ?

The NASDAQ exchange can take up to four to six weeks of the process after listing application, and the requirements for NASDAQ are as follows.

  • The shareholder’s equity should be at least $2,000,000, with a minimum of 100,000 shares of the public.
  • The company should have at least two market makers and a minimum of 300+ shareholders.
  • The regular bid price of the company stock must be a minimum of $4.

If you are interested in stock investing, you should first need to keep in mind that you will not be a billionaire in a few days.  You can check NASDAQ TotalView cost before using it.

 Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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