Everything You Wanted to Know About Uber’s Stock Performance

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Uber Technologies commonly called Uber is a company that started as a taxi service but now deals in food delivery, package delivery and freight transportation. With operations spread across 900 metropolitan areas across the globe, the company is considered to be the pioneer in the field of self-driving cars’ development. The company has more than 110 million users across the world. In the USA, the company has 67 per cent of the market share in the ride-sharing services and 34 per cent in the food delivery. Initially what started as a ride-sharing service now provides customised rides where the drivers take the customers wherever they want to.

What is the latest offering by Uber?

Uber is going to launch a new service named Ride Reserve. This feature enables one to reserve a ride from two hours to 30 days before the D-Day. It will be launched in twenty cities that include New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston and Seattle. One can make reservations only in Uber Black and Black SUV services. The company aims to extend this service to UberX, Comfort and XL by the end of this year. On-time pickup is guaranteed by the company. However, if the driver fails to do so, then the company will pay $50 in cash to the customer. This service is perfect for occasions where one cannot afford to be late; for example, a doctor’s appointment, best friend’s wedding, life-changing business meeting etc.

The stock performance of Uber

The day range was between 48.50 to 49.62 whereas the 52-week range was 13.71 – 50.09. The volume stood at 11,851,378. The average volume of three months was 23,031,598 whereas the average volume of ten days stood at 29.17M. The market cap was valued at 86.151B. The current Enterprise Value/Revenue stands at 6.61 whereas the EBITDA stands at -13.98. The sales price (ttm) 25.43 and Book price (more) was 9.39. The company recorded a gross profit (ttm) of 4.64 B. The revenue per share stood at 7.49 whereas the total revenue was 12.98B.The current total debt of the company stands at 10.07B. The current ratio is 1.36.

Challenges faced by Uber

Taxes: Several complaints regarding the unpaid taxes and shirking its tax liabilities onto its drivers against Uber. Increase in tax legislation means an increase in the fare rides or the end of the Uber operations in that area.

Risk of being an uber driver: Uber drivers have faced a lot of heat from government agencies such as airport authorities. For example, several airports have banned Uber and other ride-sharing services. If you want to know more information of Uber, you can check releases at https://www.webull.com/releases/nyse-uber.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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