Bangalore: Michael Baptist wins international award for innovative technology.

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Media coverage of the JSW- The Times of India ‘Earth Care Award’ in 2014. We were awarded for our FL-V Wire Injection Well Technology under the Innovation for Climate Protection category.

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Michael Sadananda Baptist, CEO of Farmland Rainwater Harvesting Systems (FLRHS) and nephew of philanthropist and entrepreneur Ronald Colaco, recently received the most prestigious international award – JSW – The Times of India ‘Earth Care Award’ for developing a cutting-edge indigenous technology known as the V-Wire injection well technology, which involves groundwater aquifer recharge and storage. He shared the honour with two of his business colleagues, Vijay Raj and Sunil Baptist.

Prior to establishing FLRWHS, Michael Sadanand Baptist worked in the field of Sprinkler Irrigation, and his business, M/s Waterjet Engineers, located in Chikmagalur, was essential in establishing sprinkler systems throughout the plantation regions. M/s Waterjet Engineers was founded about 25 years ago by D H Nataraj and Sunil Baptist to meet the coffee community’s sprinkler demands.

Michael Sadananda Baptist is a well-known personality in the plantation zone who has built a name for himself in the field of sprinkler irrigation by constructing sprinkler systems that are adapted to specific needs. He got into rainwater gathering around fifteen years ago.

Farmland RWH systems, Rainy have assisted people in saving valuable water as well as electricity in locations where drinking water is scarce. With over 75,000 rooftop recharge filter installations across the country, the company was awarded two national awards in 2009, one from the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) as the most innovative water saving product’ and one from JSW – The Times of India as the ‘Earth Care Award for Innovation for climate protection’. Among other honours, the firm has earned the renowned ‘Green Champions Award’ from the Indian Green Building Council.

Michael Baptist and his two other partners, Vijay Raj, and Sunil Baptist, have now received yet another international award from JSW – The Times of India ‘Earth Care Award, for pioneering a method incorporating ground water recharging in the area of ‘Innovation for Climate Preservation’.

The ceremony was held at the JSW corporate office in Mumbai. The dignitaries present were Dr Rajendra K Pachauri, director general (TERI) and chairman of IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), Sajjan Jindal, chairman and managing director of JSW, Sangita Jindal, chairperson, JSW Foundation, Seshagiri Rao MVS, joint managing director and group CFO JSW Steel, Kartikeya V Sarabhai, director, Centre for Environment Education, and Shailaja Chadra, IAS (retd), Rajath Gupta, director, Mckinsey and Company.

On receiving the International award, FLRHS’s Michael Sadananda Baptist stated, ‘This Earth Care award is unique, because in 2010, we received the JSW – The Times of India ‘Earth Care Award’ for our roof top rain water harvesting filter technology, and in 2014, we received it for our V-Wire injection well technology involving groundwater aquifer recharge. JSW’s special accolades, which have been acknowledged both nationally and internationally, have functioned as a drive for us to develop our business both domestically and worldwide. Numerous European Union and North American governments have expressed strong interest in establishing the technology.” 

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